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A Moment of Pause

It’s a difficult time in the world, with so much happening at once. I suppose every age is like this, but this is my first one, as an adult, as far as I know, past lives notwithstanding, footnote reminders for aspects of consciousness, I remind myself. Apologies. I’ve been reading so much, and Finnegan’s wake …

One Year Art Meditation

Something really extraordinary happened over the last year when we moved to the forest. We packed up all of our belongings, down to the barest essentials, and moved into the forest hills around Fairfax. Earlier during the pandemic my partner just said to me one night over dinner, we have the ability for you to …

Let’s talk about Clairity

I’m not sure when I realised it, but I think I believe in mysticism, not really anything special, just everyday faith in God, it’s something that always keeps me going, and I think whatever it is it’s ineffable, maybe it’s all conciousness itself. I’m not sure when it started happening, but this horrific X symbol …


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Mitch Greer

Hi, I’m Mitch, I’m a designer, artist, and writer in California. I hope this blog is a record of my journey from artist to writer.

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