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How to Get into NFTs

I’m giving NFTs to my close friends and family this Christmas. The onboarding hasn’t been difficult, and my niece especially, who is part of a different generation, was able to pick it up instantly. It may seem complicated but it’s very easy to get started. I had to write multiple emails about this so hopefully, …

First Chapter: Untitled

This is the first chapter of a book I’m writing. It’s a rough draft, but it’s below Hope you enjoy!: James swiftly moved in circles around the room, like the chalk in the drawings of the magic officers, looking from one painting to another. “This is language,” James thought.  “It’s almost as if they’re talking …

Art Practice Day 2

Just to keep myself accountable this will become a painting and writing journal. I think I’ve covered most of the other topics in this blog that I don’t have to revisit. I wanted one thing when we came to Fairfax and I started painting. I wanted to use my time here to become as closely …


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Mitch Greer

Hi, I’m Mitch, I’m a designer, artist, and writer in California. I hope this blog is a record of my journey from artist to writer.

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