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It was a Beautiful Morning

It was a beautiful morning. The crisp autumn air whispered into the last weekend of summer, and in the hills of the valley, James woke up, this time not too early, not too late. He walked through the small apartment that was lit not quite by dawn, not quite by night, but somewhere balanced in-between. …

Gaia II

For the next month or so, I won’t be making any posts on reluctantblogger. I’m going into a deep writing journey that I can’t take my eyes away from, and most of my thoughts during the day surround it. It’s a climate story of science fiction and speculative writing, simultaneously about architecture, reclamation after colonialism …


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Mitch Greer

Hi, I’m Mitch, I’m a designer, artist, and writer in California. I hope this blog is a record of my journey from artist to writer.

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