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One Year in the Forest

It’s been an incredible year on an art retreat here in the forests of Fairfax. I really didn’t know what to expect moving into this community, but it’s been incredible. I’ve made a lot of friends and I’m engaged in Climate Action with a local committee, and one national climate outreach group, and there has …

One Small Artist to Russia

Russian culture has always been a source of inspiration for me. My first films were Eisenstein and Tarkovsky, as an animator, Soyuzmutlfim. My earliest novels were Dostoyevsky, and later as a Graphic Designer Mayakovsky and El Lissitsky. These artists have been a source of much of my work as I’ve been growing up (and yes, …

Returning Home

It’s been awhile since I really treated this site as more as a journal and less about criticism, and the urgency under that reason is easily considered. I sometimes need to speak in poetry more than prose to explain some of the things in my mind, and at times I feel the need to be …


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Mitch Greer

Hi, I’m Mitch, I’m a designer, artist, and writer in California. I hope this blog is a record of my journey from artist to writer.

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