For a moment

Stop for a moment, look around you. Where are you? What is your reality? The world has made us all connected, individuals in our own communities. Can you see it? The beauty of the world around you? Just for a moment, look around your world. Go outside. Look down any street in front of you, the air between all things, the things we can’t see and the things within, then go deep in your mind, and see as if you were blind. How different is our world from these passing moments, the worlds of our interiors and surroundings? We live in billions of worlds. More worlds live inside of us than we can ever imagine. This is what it means to be alive. There is so much of an emphasis on the larger things, when we become blind to what is simply all there is. This world is vast, more like a microscope than a telegram. Billions of worlds within worlds, each unfolding in their own reality, and what’s so beautiful is we get to experience it, each other, the infinite within, and that is how one person can trace the lines, of our infinite would tracing waves over our realities, that is how a beautiful life unfolds. What a joy to experience it, even for a minute, a second, what a beautiful thing, to be alive.

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