Two and a Half Years of Reluctant Blogger

Morning all. After a period of intense blogging from 2021-2023, I’ve decided to put Reluctant Blogger on hold while I embark on some long term projects. It’s been an absolute joy sharing short stories and insights into my art practice, and I hope it’s encouraged you to start to express yourselves as well. Freedom of expression is a sacred right in our country, and the technology that allows us to share our expression isn’t something that should ever be doubted. Going quiet for a bit while I research this next phase. I can’t tell you what I’m working on but it’s really cool. But I need to study and write privately for the next few months. Take care of each other out there, and best of luck from me. We’re all valuable and sacred. Life is such a gift. I hope you know that I made all of this work for all people, and I hope it has brought you some joy. I speak more clearly at times in my visual work, so I encourage you to visit the site when you get a chance. It’s growing but most of my work will be there.

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