On Peace and Equanimity in the Arts

I’ve been an avid student of spirituality for over a decade. I enjoy spiritual literature, and at different times I’ve studied almost every faith and religion. Part of this comes from my upbringing, and a lot of it came from independent research, and the small library of paperbacks on a hot Texas day at the Rothko chapel. I’ve never shied away from the sciences, but I’ve always been interested in art out of the context of the requirements of exchange within our cultures, which is necessary, but the first patrons of art were in many ways non-commodification generation. Now that I’ve sold a bit of work and spent time in the NFT renaissance about a year ago, which at this point is almost veteran level, I’ve really come to respect art that continues in this tradition. I don’t make art for sale extensively anymore. I’ve really used it as part of my spiritual journey.

My writing is somewhat in this vein, yet not so much as my visual art practice. It’s where you can see my best work, and I try not to sway from difficult subjects, this is a very complex world we live in. But when you reduce or abstract everything into a thought of energy, the exchange is simply gift upon gift and secures a role in our society. With the rise of AI art our work as artists is lessened, and the exchange has been changed and monopolized by private industry, at great costs to artists who share their work online. At times this leads me to want to retreat from the world of sharing my work, yet my desire to share work is always there. I hope anyone who comes across my work is simply a record of my spiritual path, personal and in the highest ethics and good. I hope in the coming years that our art is respected and our ownership over our own work remains. It can destroy our confidence and many artists I feel are rightly outraged about it. Artists create their work after hours and hours of study, even when I make what at a surface level might seem like very simple work is a combination of years of analyzing my process and art strokes. Respecting art means respecting life, and all life should be sacred and respected. The first step to this is respecting our creations. In a lot of ways our art as artists is as sacred as our lives, it’s our way of really trying to make a difference in a really harsh world. It takes a lot for me these days to share my work, but I’m doing it anyway, for the love of the craft and a desire to share my work with the community.

But I hope one day everyone lets artists know how much we matter to the world. Please hold dearly to our artists. We do so much for the world. That’s how I bring my work to the world, with a true intent on sharing peace and equanimity to anyone that may come across my work.

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