I prayed last night, after meditating for hours.

I lit three candles, and laid down in bed to rest

The sound of ambience and calm tones as it entered my mind

I felt deeply into my heart center and held my hands there

And my mind was at peace, my body with currents of energy

I could feel every aspect of being alive

Compassion wild open

And then I perceived the three candles like an arrow of light

lit by prayer and aimed directly at my heart center

I let it enter my body and it reached throughout my spirit

Until a deep love came over me, cradling my heart like a deep embrace

I held it there, and could have forever, it’s still in me now, even as I write

This is a reminder to myself never to drift back into cynicism

And know the presence of the divine

And that this world may not be what it seems, but its deeper and deeper still

And not every moment matters, but in focused prayer, and gentle peace

Our shackles don’t break as much as they are unremembered,

and all that is left is an open heart that remains.

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