Our Wings Were Always Invisible to Everyone But You.

“Hey, wake up”,  the moon said, at least something like the moon, a light in the darkness. Isabelle’s black wings, infinite with stars in the sky, slowly opened. She had become enraptured in the nighttime air, the moments of dawn slowly opening. They unfurled into an invisible wave, echoing the reflections of the roofs of the houses as she gazed into the distance. She yawned. “Moon, I love you but you can be so annoying when you’re about to disappear, I needed rest.” Moon smiled silently. “Sorry Isabelle, you know how it goes,” she said. It’s time to get ready.” Isabelle stretched, folded her wings, and sat down. “You know, moon, I have to ask, how did I get here?” She was sitting in the grass outside her small apartment in the woods, her home a few feet from her. “Did I sleep outside again?” “You fell asleep while tending the moonflowers in the garden,” moon said. “I dreamed again,” Isabelle said. It was a long day yesterday. “A lifetime” moon said, You want to talk about it? “Later,” Isabelle said, “I have to feed the cat, and I have to do inventory this morning.” “OK, Isabelle,” Moon said. Time accelerated,

 in a few moments, it was the beginning of dawn. “I can’t stand it when she does that,” Isabelle said. As Moon drifted quickly into the bright morning air, Isabelle folded her wings out of sight and walked inside her apartment, made some coffee, and started getting ready for the day. “Everything is alive,” Isabelle thought, greeted the coffee cup, said hello to everything in the house, one by one, walked into the kitchen, and looked at the spells in the cupboard. “I’ll need to head into town,” Isabelle thought, “We’re out of St. Johns” “Read the label this time,” she read from a parchment post-it note on one of the shelves. “I’m so forgetful,” Isabelle thought, “No you’re not, it’s just self-confidence.” Moon said, “Moon are you in the cat again?” “Sorry, Just for a moment!” Moon said. “Mew” cat said. “At least things are back to normal, ” Isabelle said, walked outside, drew with chalk on the ground, and disappeared.

Within moments she was in town. It was early, the shopkeepers were opening shop, quiet in the morning air, music softly drifting, greeting the day. “Coffee first,” Isabelle said, and walked down the cobblestone streets, a song in her heart and a sunrise in the sky. The liminal space between night and day, those were her favorite moments, a blanket of light in the midst of a dream. She had to be careful. It wasn’t always safe for a witch outside, even a good one. Anyone might be moon today, she thought and smiled. Opening her heart, quartz in her pocket, protection spell activated, and the clouds in the sky.

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