The letter X

An accident not intended, X-Men, misunderstood heroes coming together, the first moments of being different in high school, I guess we all were, maybe that’s why the films are so popular. The cross brace in architecture, an indisputable innovation about the way buildings are supported, Malcolm X, inspired hero of the black community, a mark of treasure on a treasure map, a box check when you’ve finished something, a mark of treasure on a treasure map, all positive things. The Roman numeral ten, the place marker variable in mathematics, the coordinates of horizontal cartesian space, a letter of the alphabet, an intersecting vertice. Nowhere does this say death, it only inspires. Turn the heart over to wisdom, then turn the wisdom over to the heart, Breathe deep, perceive a space of silence and rest, and then, let the calm wash over you. See the endless depths of the history of our ancestors, from thousands of years ago, maybe they whisper still, beyond the conceptualization of hatred. A common thread that binds us together, again, wisdom arrives, again, turns over to the heart and back again. What do you see? Somewhere a thousand years ago, a mid-day sun at the peak of a mountain, yet in a valley below. Somewhere a sunrise, somewhere nightfall, now bridge them all together, and there it is, the link between the heart and wisdom. You can find it there. I don’t know the way and there is no map, yet its blueprint is somewhere deep in the heart, and that is the treasure I seek, somewhere deep inside me, and I have no intention to mark where I find it, because it’s different in each of us, yet I know it’s there somewhere, and if it’s l’ve I know I’ve found it. Maybe it was always there.

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