Open Heart, Open Mind

So I’ve really been enjoying alternative viewpoints of psychology and healing, but I really realized something. I think the healing I’ve experienced just comes from an open heart and open mind, a willingness to give and receive, and a faith in the wonder and mystery in the world. Yet tonight I went outside and went to see the moon, yet a distant star, so much farther than anything else in the sky, was shining brightly in the night sky, among the lights and other reflections across the expanse of space, and looking up made me think of the numberless stars in the sky, and I really felt something greater than the world around me, yet this distance across space and time enveloped the warmth of the earth in perfect harmony and allowed me to return to the center, realizing my beliefs in our purpose to protect the natural world. I wrote a few words yesterday in a journal I placed on the windowsill and went to open it.

It was filled with wishes for a more peaceful world, one more just and beautiful, and I immediately thought of my garden outside, almost without thinking. That’s the transformation I really needed to feel tonight, which was really a return, a realization of the absolute beauty of the world, both within me and without me, and I see a passing flame in the darkness of the night, one shining brightly across the sky, and I realized something again, something I always saw in the town we used to live in, from a university in a town nearby, it was the words, so beautiful: “Ten thousand minds on fire”.

Is that what the heavens remind us of every night, that we are all lights in the depths of the sky? As a teacher, I feel that one of our most vital roles is to kindle that fire within all of our hearts, and all of our minds. That may be the greatest secret to uncover, so plainly in sight, every night in the brightness of a dark sky. I can’t wait for morning when light will cover the world around us all, a chance to grow and look up, and never forget, that the wonder of the world around us, and in the beautiful expanse of the heavens, a brightness even in the night. An open heart and open mind, may we never forget, for there is so much here, in our world, our hearts, and the limitless wonder of the stars in the deepest night, across our hearts, and the limitless wonder, across the earth and sky.

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