Nothing Really

I’m truly amazed, and in awe about time. It’s amazing how fluid it is. I was going through my journal, and what I wrote yesterday, which I wrote earlier in the day, was completely healed by afternoon. It’s amazing how when we simply ask for something sincerely, it triggers our mind into a different state. I was so depressed yesterday that I forgot what was absolutely essential, that my art can take all of the necessary steps to make my world settle into a gentler place. There are two new classes tonight on the teaching site, one painting walkthrough and one crystal bowl performance, and we’re starting to get students. A question I’ve been asking myself today, is what does it take for us to believe we have the power to change our situations. It happened for me today. I’m at peace, at rest, and at ease. My art practice is like having three full time jobs, in addition to climate and peace work. I’m exhausted and drifting off toward sleep. I have an interview tomorrow so I won’t say more, but I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. It’s quiet here in the forest, restful, almost night fall, and I”m falling asleep. My greatest hope is for everyone to feel this way. I know too well from my research today just how dire the world is, how much conflict, but I hope in the hours before bed, or in the early morning or mid afternoon, or as here, at night, that all will feel a gentle peace. That’s what I feel tonight, and if it’s possible that I can send this same feeling out to anyone it’s my fullest intention, and that is why I’m writing, and for everything, almost everything, I do.

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