First six months of 2022

Some friends only know about this site for updates into what I’ve been up to, and honestly I work so much that I haven’t slowed down to take a step back and look at the year so far, but here’s what I’ve been up to, sorry if this is a little like a laundry list, but it’s a good laundromat! And you can see how much has happened in what seems, like such a short time, but was in reality, so deep and rich that I can barely remember it, but here’s what happened:

In January I developed and released the Light Fields Film and subsequent art, from a book I worked on in 2021, across character design and architecture and individual works of art, dozens of new digital works in all five experimental films which are likely a preparation for a time when processing power can complete the film series.

In February I worked on the paintings and edited the film for the Fairfax Climate Action Committee, and devoted myself to immersion in French Culture and Language Study because first of its beauty and second of all, I dream of working at the UN, or having a cafe in France, in no particular order.. War in Ukraine started, and I started working for peace activism across any means I had.

In March I had my 1st art show in SF,  continued peace activism, United Nations focus, new Four Eyes issue, mastered digital drawing with a Cintique and completed mastery of Photoshop, and moved toward that as my main creative tool. Had to give up 3D temporarily because of cost.

In April – separated my art and activism accounts across Twitter, building a new global brand series to focus my work into different perspectives. Finished the website and film for the Climate Action Committee, and the Wyndy Comic began.

In May I was elected Vice-Chair of the CAC, redesigned my website, started back at Peets, entry-level team member, taking orders, cleaning and closing the store, cooking and getting back in to the flow. Everyone at Peets knows the full store eventually so you start doing it all. Online Featured Art Exhibition at Art Placer,  All books released on Twitter, #1 New Release in Modern Art. Released absolute best artwork on Foundation when gas was low. Continued Peace Activism late May – Dragon Diver game production began.

June – so far finished author accounts, started Barista Training, enrolled in an art program for building an art practice, and began looking for publishers. Secured my first volunteer graphic design gig for emerging filmmakers on Catchafire. Helping Lead Hour of Action at Climate Changemakers tomorrow.

Completed my plea for the war to stop. Separated my art and personal accounts for professionalism. I Began an Art Strike for Peace and Climate. No new works, in honor of the fallen and how many of our voices have been silenced in the brutal war. And that brings us to tonight, where, honestly, I’m a little frightened for the future with all I now know, but I have the resolve to keep trying for peace and climate activism, in whatever way I can, which is honestly all this has already been for.

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