One Small Artist to Russia

Russian culture has always been a source of inspiration for me. My first films were Eisenstein and Tarkovsky, as an animator, Soyuzmutlfim. My earliest novels were Dostoyevsky, and later as a Graphic Designer Mayakovsky and El Lissitsky. These artists have been a source of much of my work as I’ve been growing up (and yes, I’m still growing up, as we all are.)These artists are so great, please remember the richness of the culture you have, and put an end to this horrible conflict. Please find peace. It’s gone on far too long and it’s growing more traumatic day by day, hour by hour. I know what it’s like to live in conflict.

It’s paralyzing, life almost becomes unlivable, but that spark that keeps us going as artists is the same spark within your artists that we all stay in dialogue with throughout our lives. Art is a conversation, it asks us to create, not destroy, when I think of their art, I hope not to associate it with these horrors. I’d love to sit down and have a conversation with them, and hear what they’d have to say. I think it’s very simple, creation is more vital than destruction, and at our best we can shape new worlds, for a time yet to become.

But this loss of life, what will it become? How many future dreamers were killed by this horrific tragedy? We will never know, and those who loved your culture as much as I do, where will their love go once they are gone? As powerful as all the speeches I’ve heard have been, take a moment to listen to your artists, I am not one of them but I can speak as one from a distant land. Your culture had so much potential. Please don’t let it fall another day. And that light is in all people, by listening, you’ll hear it, a promise of another day.

And here’s a secret of art: the light artists bring to the world exists in us all, artists just know how to see it, because we’ve been training to look for years. Here’s my suggestion for today: Walk outside, or even look around the room you’re in. Notice the colors, really try to feel the shapes and forms as they flow in your mind, go outside and see the world around you. Then pick an area and just look at it, and hold your gaze, for longer than usual, maybe even a full minute, and feel the absolute joy of the colors and all that it contains, this unbelievable world that makes the impossible real. Then ask yourself, would you deny this to another person, would you burn it away? Would you blind it so we could no longer see? I don’t believe that if we all sat down and felt this way, we would ever want to take it from another person, because for every single death, there are thousands, if not millions, who go blind, from despair, from rage, toward things so easy to feel, so impossible to leave, but we can. Let’s back from the edges, lets walk through this world. We’re all here for just a little while, lets give all of us the chance to be.

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