Hope for the Future

As I write this I’ve spent almost two years coming out of a semi monastic experience studying art and design. It was jarring at first, I read so much information, watched every countries speech at the United Nations and began my first steps into a larger world. I’ve been up all night again, and now I’m relaxing in the afternoon. I’ve been taking some time off after being pushed to exhaustion at the constant pace of getting my first work into a show in SF. The work is being shown and I feel like I can finally take a step back. There is so much to understand in the world, so many crises. I often wonder in the midst of all the detail I study just what are the commonalities that might be able to help make a world more free of conflict. I’ve always sought a path of peace.

I hope we can all realize in these great difficulties, that any war costs so much human misery, for all of us. We’re all part of the same world, and especially when we have so much facing us in the climate crisis, we all need to come together and pool our efforts of every facet of our world culture. What will this world be like if we keep fighting in a world that needs all of us right now. What greater responsibility for our entire reality is placing down our grievances and allowing us to share with one another in this great fabric of life, this impossible reality of the simple miracle of being alive. What greater torment could befall us if we are responsible for taking another life. We all deserve a place in this world. We all belong. For me the world crisis is not one of separate distinctions, it’s a crisis of the imagination, the ability to suspend the concept of self and other, the ability to realize the space between each other is almost unreal.

I’ve stopped making figurative art for a while to give a space to breathe. My canvases now are as vast or as small as far or near as the imagination can take us, and somewhere in the surfaces I hope to offer a place of respite and rest, and that’s why I’m making my art right now, this is the prayer I give to all of us, that in our busy and frenetic world, we can all, together, find a place of peace.

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