How to Get into NFTs

I’m giving NFTs to my close friends and family this Christmas. The onboarding hasn’t been difficult, and my niece especially, who is part of a different generation, was able to pick it up instantly. It may seem complicated but it’s very easy to get started. I had to write multiple emails about this so hopefully, this is all you’ll need to know. There are five steps this Christmas to getting set up for the morning NFT gift.

  1. Getting a Crypto Wallet. There are many available. I’ll just start from my experience early in this process. Some of the popular choices are Coinbase, Metamask, and I use Portis. This is a deep subject. Coinbase has a great introduction to this world. My niece chose Coinbase.
  2. Open an Opensea account. NFTs are not associated specifically for a platform, they’ll always be a part of your wallet, and you can take it anywhere. I use Opensea because it’s more like a gallery than not. I’m also on Foundation and Rarible.
  3. Send me your wallet address for the transfer. Your wallet address should look something like this, this is mine: 0xa1452f7602d0dd9fa58193dc262c05d62a2d3dca. Follow instructions from your wallet provider to get this address. It should be obvious. On Metamask there is a literal link right at the beginning.
  4. Get the gift. You don’t have to do anything, I’ll send it to you. Once you get the gift it should be in your opensea account so you can see it. I’ll also send a jpg to my friend and family group so you have that as well.
  5. Congratulations, you’re now part of a growing future. So check out the community. You can follow NFT aggregators and individual artists. Enjoy the space. It’s like a community, and looking at art all day is addictive and wonderful. Try following #NFTcommunity to get started, and in the morning to forget to say gm. 🙂
  6. Consider and support climate mitigation of the costs of your wallet transactions. You can do this at Offestra, at least that’s what I do. They have a calculator and ways to purchase offsets.

    I’m always on here. If you want to see what I’m up to, and let me know which of them you’re interested in, or you can wait for a surprise Christmas morning. Hope this helps, and happy Holidays!

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