Art Practice Day 2

Just to keep myself accountable this will become a painting and writing journal. I think I’ve covered most of the other topics in this blog that I don’t have to revisit. I wanted one thing when we came to Fairfax and I started painting. I wanted to use my time here to become as closely artisticly entwined with the world we’re in as possible. My model was Van Gogh. I found that my way of perceiving the world is quite similar. I’ve thought before about becoming a monk, though that was never really a good idea for me. I am too aware of the visual world, and in many ways, like the surrealist and romantic poets, I see the art within every aspect of my day to day. I started a photography series, as mentioned in the last post, to document the day to day realities, but painting is something else. It’s a record of emotion and action, and I found so much inspiration in the group of painters that I follow on twitter. Twitter is almost like a town for me, it brings so much together. I visit it so much each day for friendship and understanding. I could talk about it for hours. It’s the best gallery and art school of any place I’ve been. I’ve grown more with the artists I follow than at any time I’ve studied. I think as time goes on it will grow into something we don’t expect. I love it, it has so much potential for social change. It brings every news team together, I visit it for hours, following pathways to articles. Learning all day.

But in the physical world we live in Fairfax, and I am in love with this town. I’m just starting to show paintings here in a shop, which I visited today to decide what to print and what to make. I have gallery representation for the first time. It’s a first step but I’m growing with it. I made my best paintings so far this morning, and it changed my life. In many ways I consider this my first day as an artist. So much of what went before was practice. Out of around 60 paintings I kept around 20 of them. Today I went through and reduced that to a handful. It’s like then end of a period, now I just need to work with what I have. But this mornings work was, to me, better than all of it. I’ve put in the work, both in study and practice, and I finally feel like I”m ready.

When I’m painting I am completely inside of the work, without any thoughts except the infinite choices and moves that create a final painting. I’m just getting started. I intend to devote as much time to this practice as I can, and I’ll know in the next couple of months if I can make it sustainable. I hope I can, because it’s without question the most hope I can offer to the world: a place to rest in color, light and motion, an absolute transmission between my mind and the open space. I’ll share where you can see my work soon, and until then I’ve posted everything on my sites and on twitter. This is what I’ve been working on for months. Working at Peets was a way for me to fund printing my work on canvas. And from now on it will be individual investments that guide my work forward and allow me to continue to be independent. I hope you guys dig what I do!

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