Artist Practice Day 1

Today was the first time I really sat down and looked through my work for the last year. Not all of it was great, there were some good beginnings and ideas I’ll carry through on in my work for the next few weeks, some I’ll forget, but it was an interesting day of progress. I started by finally updating my Instagram, which I abandoned during the pandemic. I don’t really use IG except as a way to show art. It’s almost like a standard now for getting shows. I put together an online gallery and then worked toward getting all the work together from the last six months, posted it, and finally felt ready to take a step back.

I don’t have many photographs to document my day to day art practice. We often don’t take photos except of things in nature, our walks and hikes, which have become so infrequent that they’re really important to me. So I set up a camera, took a quick photo in the early morning light, made even and clear in the open fog. It caught something I didn’t quite expect. It looked like a photo I could have captured at any time. It’s probably the only photo of me, a self portrait, that clearly showed something about openness. In the shadow figure it looked almost like a completely open space against the light of the day. I looked at it for hours really trying to answer a question, who are we? Are we what we seem or an ability to change with everything we encounter. Complete freedom. I posted the photo and put it in my gallery on twitter to watch how it would affect the other images around it as a kind of sequence. I’ll always love this photo.

What it prepared me for though, was spending a day completely open, not forcing anything, just being receptive of anything I came across. This is a photo of listening, a photo of the open eye seeing all that comes in front of it, yet abstracted to a point with a single point of light, which is in many ways how I see meditation, single pointed meditation. I looked at for hours. And then after studying it, looked through some of the amazing art I’ve seen on twitter in the NFT space and started to share it.

There are so many new artists who inspire me, and are guiding me to every new step of my creative process. The art being made right now, in my opinion, is the best art of any time period. So much is coming together. I don’t have my art criticism at the ready for any of it, but the fact that it’s all digital in a digital space is so important and amazing. It feels like the future really came together for me today, and that started with my work on another digital platform, where I took close photography of my blood and skin, with the light passing through. I looked through all the social channels and thought, this was a great first day taking my art practice seriously. I’ll make more art starting tomorrow, but today was a really important first day. I was so present and aware that I was ready to take it all in, without judgement or elaboration. Today was such an exciting day that I don’t want to go to bed. I’ve never felt that way before, but the art is so good. I’m in love with art again, and I’m finally able to express my voice without fear. There is total freedom in expression, even against censorship and hate. And in those moments, everything becomes so full of hope and life, that everything else seems to drip away.

I hope my photography can show that we don’t have to be afraid. We can show up for ourselves even when so many voices try to suppress us, and tonight I’m not afraid of the dark. The night is just as beautiful as the day.

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