Gaia II

For the next month or so, I won’t be making any posts on reluctantblogger. I’m going into a deep writing journey that I can’t take my eyes away from, and most of my thoughts during the day surround it. It’s a climate story of science fiction and speculative writing, simultaneously about architecture, reclamation after colonialism , the natural world and space exploration, with themes of consciousness and artificial intelligence. I’m researching and planning most of the time, today that was about 12 hours.

I’m growing as I write this. It looks like I also may be continuing my art journey and possibly starting a six month class about advanced art training, building a body of work. I often post works in progress and work quickly, and sometimes that gets into situations of incomplete work, or rushed work in the need to finish things. I’m still going relatively fast, but slowing down to take a few moments for my own speed and pacing will be a real test for me, so I’m writing this to show, next time I post, that I need to go back and work. I may not be able to stay away, but I’ll do my best.

I’m working hard on this. It’s going to take some time. Who knows, it may take me a year. Not sure yet, but I’ll be on twitter every now and then to post occasionally, but I probably won’t have much to say until my research, writing, and art is complete. It’s an experiment for me. The climate crisis is too much for me to ignore, and so far, I’m learning more through this than in any project I’ve done. Wish me luck, we all do what we can for the planet. And right now, this project is the best I can do.

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