Four Eyes

Made long before I started keeping this journal, Four Eyes, which I made in 2016, is redesigned and posted here:

The way I made this work is complex. It accurately predicts my current environment, yet makes more sense now than it did years ago. I was surprised. It’s almost like magic. One of my friends likened it to Kiki’s Delivery service, and it’s surreality definitely reflects the creation of a waking dream. This graphic novel means so much to me. In many way’s it’s my life’s work, and like all great art, I believe it reaches to all people, as a place of recognition, love and security, even in the greatest difficulties we face.

The story follows Tam and Polly: a cyclops and someone with an awakened third eye, that in my mind is both my partner and I, and also my non binary perspective of being an ace queer artist. No one can take that reality from me. It’s the reality of how this work was created, yet I hope it inspires all people to take this story into their own hearts, apply it to their greatest difficulties, and discover the magic inherent in our world. I was so suprised how this story predicts what’s going on in my life, at one time just a daydream. The world is mysterious and wonderful. I hope this short story allows anyone who reads it this hope. Our dreams are important, the world is mysterious and beautiful, and we can always find a place of calm and hope, if we just let go and see the world for what it is, and why it’s worth saving.

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