Voting Experiment

I held a vote today on twitter to get some of my friends, collaborators, and community a chance to help me make some decisions on what to do next. It was fun, and a little stressful. In my mind I thought it was the most important thing I could have done for the day. The post consisted of four possible options: music, painting, writing, and activism. I watched the poll transfixed, and took additional votes from what I could perceive, and on other social channels. It was fun and invigorating. What I found is that people really are impacted in my work, and that gives me pause and a feeling of responsiblity. I wrapped up my summer series yesterday, and it was a stressful year, but I hope the paintings are a record of overcoming fear even in the most dire circumstances. As the poll grew it was hard to keep track of everything, it was so evenly spread out among all the options. But then I saw an email about graphic novels, and I realized that I could combine them all, yet mostly focused on visual art. Since all of my plans are focused on the climate, I intend to make a new pledge: seasonal showings. I think this will give me enough time to really do something I haven’t had a chance to do yet: just take more time and not be so hasty.

It was virtually impossible for me to not share work in progress, and I realized this yesterday when I was putting together the summer series. The series actually did take eight weeks, non linearly. Some paintings needed only one improvised pass, some took multiple days, spread across weeks. Some were discarded. Yet, for autumn, I’m going to try to do something new: working slowly and methodically, pay attention to detail, and really go deeper into the work that I make. In many ways the summer series was a kind of digital painting bootcamp. It definitely has some of my favorite pieces, but it was all experimental. The next work will not be so frantic. Perhaps it was this speed that reflected the summer season, the paintings had electric strokes replacing even tones, in a combination of sketch and graffiti techniques. On my desk to my left I have all the books I will need for the next series of works, and I’m taking the day to just get organized and prepared. I have the color swatches in my head, and for the most part I know exactly what I’ll be doing. I can’t wait. I’ll do my best for everyone. I’ll make sure I stay focused on my core beliefs and friendships. And as far as direct climate action goes, I’ll be at Climate Changemakers every Thursday night, for an hour of direct action about climate issues.

This was a great day of solidarity, getting to take a break, and I’m really excited for Fall. I can already feel it coming in the weather around us. The leaves have started to fall, with green inflections and life still glowing radiantly through the falling leaves. I know the responsiblity we all have as artists, and I promise I will not waver from that understanding. Here’s to more creation, and to a calmer flow. Thanks for being here for my journey. I’m still listening, but just trust that I have only the best intentions, and we all get a little scared sometimes, but there’s always hope in the arts, and that’s where my heart lies right now. Let’s save this planet everyone, with whatever our talents are. We’re together in this. 🙂

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