Crypto, NFTs, and the Federal Clean Electricity Standard

Wrote this to congress yesterday: I’m a digital artist, writer, and musician in Fairfax, California. I know the budget reconciliation bill is in progress and there is something I really think is important, the Clean Electricity Standard. I think it’s critical that this gets introduced in this legislation.

I often work in NFTs and cryptocurrency, and I think that we’re really in a moment that we have an ability to transform the way our culture moves forward. Even as you begin to look at ways to understand this emergent technology, getting CES passed could transform and make this new technology sustainable for the future, and diminish any negative effects that cryptocurrency now has on our environment.

Private policies like the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA) already have been suggested and advocated by pledging to achieve net-zero by 2030. As the private sector anticipates, congress can act now, to make sure that all future explorations like cryptocurrency have a sustainable basis in which to grow. I have no idea what the future will look like, but I know the CES will pave the way for all innovation, and it’s critical that we act on this now.

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