Clean Energy Standard

I’ve been joining Climate Changemakers every week, and it’s vital. I hope it can be a source for anyone who reads this blog. It’s an hour of action each week, where we learn about envrionmental issues and policy that addresses climate change, and builds a way to share our thoughts with the community and the world, through studying research and providing pathways for contacting our representatives.

While there are so many crises affecting our time, the climate crisis might surpass them all. It has to have the first priority, out of any other issues, so that we all have a beautiful planet that is not only critical to our foundations, but the entire world. How can any of us survive while the planet is in such dire need. We need to safeguard life at all levels, and the beginnings of this would be meeting the standard of the emissions standards being placed today, but this policy addresses the most central foundations, re focusing on the source of the issues, the energy grid. I strongly, without question, advocate for the Clean Energy Standard, it’s vital. Are we doing enough? Where we live in the forests of California, where fires have become almost normative, sometimes I walk through the woods and wonder if our community could be the next. We need the Clean Energy Standard: 80% clean electricity by 2030 and 100% by 2035. It would generate new jobs, grow our economy, encourage the use of electric vehicles and move our country into the future.

In July, Senate Democrats announced their intention to include a federal “80×30” CES in their budget reconciliation package. It’s up to us to ensure that the CES remains a top legislative priority and that it maintains a minimum standard of “80×30.”
The CLEAN Future Act (HR 1512) includes an 80×30 CES, but the chances of a CES passing via reconciliation is much higher than this stand-alone bill. I’m so heartened by what the Biden administration accomplished today, but we have to push further, and keep going every step of the way.

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