Drifting Forest

This is the second of four painting films I’m planning on making. This consists of 23 paintings, in a story of ecology and urban forestry. The story follows a wind spirit as it passes through the forests in order to carry it forward into a new environment. The wind spirit in this imaginative journey, could be thought of, in my view, of the promise of the imagination, as it brings new environments to life, in painted form. A small group of explorers from a nearby city find a small seed in the forest, and carry it back to their city to plant the seed as a single tree grows out of it. The last scene is of the enchantment of nature, into the heart of one of the explorers.

While I feel each of my works is an open field of meaning, free of conception, I tried to show the unity of all things, each painting as a new abstract color composition, that may appear non linear. And that is by design. Each of these compostions are their own world. Film can be so linear, but I felt that combining the colors this way, could lead to the nonlinear form that is so difficult to express, especially in the way we sequence groups of objects. This is extemely experimental, and I hope you guys enjoy it. As a biographical form, this is a homage to both of my bands and the form of the trio in music, and the inspiration we have learned that carries us through each project. I hope it inspires the imagination in anyone who sees it, both for the imagination we have inside of us, and the commitment to preserving the planet in any way we can. This is my environmentalist painting experiment. There’s a lot of meaning in here, so if you can, spend some time with it. Soon I’ll begin the next film, but for now, some rest from this extremely challenging week making this work.

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