Next Series

Part of a trilogy of short films, The All In film which I shared earlier is a look at the beginning of a drift from the everyday world into a hint of something universal underneath. After viewing, meditating, and thinking about the work, I’m beginning to see clearly in my mind the series of films and how it will work. I don’t want to share too much. It’s going to take some time. But I’m pretty sure I can see it. The films will explore, through a blend of fine arts and technology, the inbetween points of figuration and abstraction, in which the liminal state of consciousness offer a point of equality, where forms blend and combine, yet with their own unique expression. The first series of paintings had direct relationships with the physical world. In part two I am exploring a further drift between the polarities of figuration and abstraction, in the same way that poetry abstracts reality to something that can’t quite be said. I see the entire film right now.

The first painting of this series comes from a combination that starts this off. Both a landscape and abstraction, made from a waking dream, It is of a figure playing a harp, both abstracted until only the essential form remains, and drawing from it an expression that can only be expressed in color, shape and form, not as separate entities but as one abstract landscape that is equal parts Turner, Hokusai, Basquiat, Cezanne, and Van Gogh. To me this has no meaning, it’s a combination of forms that allowed me to perceive in the early evening, well I guess it’s late night (I work from 3am -2pm) the early morning and combination of morning, contemplative and in full synthesis between the moon and an evening sky. This is just the very first scene of a longer film, which may take some time.

It’s the birth of a new style for me, combining all of my influences and making something new from it, and I can’t wait to start on this journey. I’ll be working on this everyday. I won’t rush, but it may be the most important work I’ve made since Harold the Bird, almost a decade ago. I’ve found my voice, now I just have to make the art. No spoilers, at least one painting a day, maybe three or four, until it comes together. This wasn’t easy. It took seven years of training, and longer including high school. I’m an artist. I have my own voice. And I really feel a responsibility to see this through. Until then, I’m watching the Olympics. The painting is below:

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