Some Updates

Well, it’s almost the end of the week, and it’s been pretty busy. Art is part inspiration, and part pragmatically difficult and concentrated work. This post is one of those, so apologies for pulling my head down from the clouds for one brief moment:

I have three prospective collectors interested in my new work, two confirmed sales, and getting pretty maxed out on setting up my site as a working artist. I looked at a lot of other services for art sales online, and finally decided, with the help of a few individual apps to do this on my own. I updated my site with the best work, and had even had a couple of bids on the NFTs on rarible. I finished my first course on a new digital art school I’ve founded on Teachable. For physical exhibitions I have my first install on Monday organized by the Marin MOCA, and negotiated the sales of the artworks on my own. No one yet seems to want to represent my work, but It looks like I’ll be OK on my own. At least this week, it looks possible. I only sell work by appointment. I’m not going with any of the print on demand services for canvas prints. They’re just not customizable enough.

I work with a private giclee, museum quality printer in an independent shop in the east bay, which I’ve been going to for years now: Berkeley Giclee They printed my entire last show in January last year, and it’s good to work with them again. As a guide for how I’m doing this, I have a sign up form focused on getting in contact with me about my work here, a new catalog here. An ability to schedule art consultations with me here. I only focus on reading NYT and WSJ now because of the constant flow of information in my email. If you’re an artist looking for this same kind of approach this may be all you need. I’m always open to new questions and areas of collaboration. I just can’t check all the email I’m getting anymore. If there’s anything anyone wants to know about my art there are more than enough resources now on ways to reach out. I’ll be studying art and painting every day until I can really fully explore the style I’m working on, which means more 15 hour days until I finish my new work. I’m moving into our new art studio this weekend. It’s official. I’m a working artist. And there’s a small stack of the history and criticism of art across centuries of art on my desk.

What else is going on? The pandemic can still be enough to wake up with a heavy heart in the mornings. Sometimes I literally feel it in my chest. But I get up early and get to work anyway. That’s just what my particular job as an artist demands. Sometimes I get exhausted, sometimes I want to just bury my head in my hands and cry. But I feel like we’ve all made progress and I’m noticing the effects. For that I’m grateful. And I deeply feel all of the trauma the world feels. I hope I can find a way to address all of these issues in my work. I’m not quite sure what that will be yet, but it most likely will be a combination of writing and visual art, something the media already does better than I do with photography, but hey, painting is an equal magic.

So for now, I’m still a little cautious about going into the outside world, but by next week I think I should be significantly better, and I don’t take any of what I’ve been able to collaborate on and find solutions for granted. We all find our paths through art and eventually we find what works. Life will never be the same for me again. There’s no getting back to normal, I’m completely changed. I listen very closely to journalists, in a way I feel at home with them as a writer, constantly being inquisitive, and navigating through all of the different currents in the world. If you ever want to join me, other than the places I regularly go to online, I highly recommend the White House Press Briefing, where I try to listen to all of the voices first hand from the incredible journalists, and always excellent responses from the White House team. For me, the conference is truly the best of freedom in our democracy. Direct voices seeking to understand, and not condemn. I’m actually going to go back and look at today’s one more time since I was so distracted setting up my art practice.

I have a lot of hope today, mostly through hard work, and a bit of ice cream. Things are starting to look good after years of struggle. I’ve found my voice, I’m present and ready to listen to the voices of everyone as well. There’s a lot of voices out there, and I hope it’s always the sound of conversation, not shouts or fear, a peaceful, steady, gentle rain of thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams, all that we have, all we seek to know and understand, and in all of that I find a bit of peace. I hope you do too. And if you’re ever looking for some crazy, poetic art, I’m available through this post. It’s not that hard, it’s never too hard to reach out. And lastly, my first Virtual art show is here.

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