Painting Series, the first 21 images.

It’s been an incredible few weeks of renewing my art practice. I didn’t know all that I would recover, by looking both at the past and my immediate surroundings. There was so much to remember, so much I’ve forgotten. But it really mattered that I truly found my voice as a painter. Things are going well. I have two potential collectors, and showing a painting soon: the forest spirit painting. It’s hard for me to find assistance with a lot of my current art world. I’ve been making NFTs and getting up to speed with cryptocurrency. I’ve listened to modern pop music for the first time in a long time, and hearing the voices of all the incredible new artists that are starting to make up the fabric of so many sound journeys. I’ve found the most essential modern applications. I understand how to use so many new technogies that I really left undiscovered in my semi monastic period of my life, and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with visual art. I want to give myself some time now to just take a step back, and prepare for the work ahead. I’ve tried to find a voice for a long time, and painting was the place I finally found a reply, soft, and in color, of all of the potential realities of the emotional landscape.

I’m here, finally, after really realizing what I know so long ago: art is my life. I finally have the complete series of the Art in Theory series, yet I don’t have a volume for the last twenty years, and honestly, I think a volume of this needs to be written starting now, and looking forward. So much is new, and I can’t do that much, but I can paint, I can dream, and I’m just now seeing that that’s where I’m starting to find my freedom. I feel free, open, and at peace. And all that took was looking into the past, making peace with it, and looking forward to the future. It’s a new day here in the studio, and one I’m not taking lightly. I have so much hope, but for now, a bit of rest, a bit of study, until I’m ready to paint again.

Art is difficult. A lot of it is admin, maintenance, and standing up for your ideas. I’m promising myself that I’ll keep this momentum going, and for now, that means research and rejuvenation, to really take a step back, and know where I’m going next with my work. It’s been two weeks of constant work, something I never thought I would do again. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and there will be more paintings soon, I promise.

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