Teaching Practice

I finally got a chance to somehow engage with one of my life dreams: teaching. I’ve been asked several times to share my process, and while it seems like it is easy to describe, it’s not. I tried to provide a simple, streamlined course that gets to the essentials very quickly, but provides an open framework for learning more. There are four books for the course, compendiums on Graffitti Art, Abstract Expressionsim, Critical Theory, and Animation History. This course is as vast or simple as you would like to perceive it. The books are a foundation for what I do, and while I specify specific technology in the materials, equipping with what I have provided will serve as a wellspring of new creation and invention if you let it.

I’ve been really influenced by the simplicity and approachability of contemporary design, and yes, even the swiss style. It’s all in the course, and you get to meet me! On my own terms, in my own reality. I really hope you join. It’s a reasonable cost. I hope it inspires anyone who ever was interested in my painting process. And is an open door into the limitless realities of the visual arts. It’s all here, and I’ll be adding to this school I’m starting over the coming year. I have three other courses planned, but this is the first, the essentials, of how to begin to see the development of my thought process in my work.

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