Independent Art Galleries, NFTs, and Blockchain

It’s been a week and a half of catching up, making my best artwork, and finally excited about the future. For me, independence not only means the beginning of America, but as the spark for ongoing work. America is not perfect, there is so much to do. But I hope today is a moment to reflect on just how far our country has to go, addressing inequality and lifting the marginalized voices and lives that we need to welcome into the greater fabric of the United States. What is this moment? I’m thinking about Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, the injustice in all of our society, too vast to list in one simple post.

This year I finally reach toward my own independence as an artist, showing and selling my work in the form of NFTs, looking into the future, and catching up with blockchain and all of the applications that I have been unaware of in the constant work of school and the pandemic, going on almost eight years. There is so much to shareso much to see. We’re in the future right now if we really look at it. I hope today is a moment to really address the hatred and bigotry in our society, how many more independence days we need to make for everyone. I’m taking the day off to reflect, and maybe paint one more painting for the day, maybe two. Stay positive and happy everyone. Fall in love with this country, and all the artists and writers who free us every day, lifting us to the greatest heights, and bringing us the promise of a new tomorrow.

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