We have barely moved into our new place in the forest, and I’ve already had a breakthrough. I’m making the best work of my career, and my best music. There is so much hope I feel right now, recovering so much lost. I’m sorry I haven’t written much lately and I’ll get back to it. These seven paintings are a great first step, and I will make more. But the blog is going on a momentary pause as I look through all the work, review how far I’ve come in the last seven days, and think things through. Sometimes inspiration is relentless, it drives your passion into overdrive, occupying your every breath and motion. In these moments, we become our arts, losing ourselves completeley. I haven’t been able to do this in twenty years, and I am absolutely overjoyed to be back. It feels like coming home to who I am, and it only took seven days, and twenty years to get to it.

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