The work ahead

Sometime on Monday, now that I’ve finished the advanced oil painting program I was enrolled in, I’m going to try something that may be the most important thing I’ve done in awhile. In the same way I’ve been able to show the emotional reality of my partner and I, and a landscape of spring, I hope to look at all of my photos of the past and show a bit about my life and reality, both in the past and the direct experience of being in this beautiful town in the hills in Fairfax. I want to show the common humanity that bonds us all. I’m growing so fast as an artist, and I’d love to take the readers of Reluctant Blogger on this journey with me. You will be able to see my world in the emotional and spirtual reality that I see. It won’t be realism. I haven’t made work in that style for years. I hope to forge connections, new visions into the past and go on a journey I’ve never been on before. I’ll give it my all. This is just a simple promise I’m making to my art and community, and I’ll be painting and learning every step of the way.

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