I have do admit, today was supposed to be my first day back on Amaryllis, but I got sidetracked exploring new music. I learned a lot, but something really resonated with me. The work of popular music is truly beautiful and incredible, but at Amaryllis we try and take an approach to the dream, some dark, some light, some frightening places, places of challenge. There are no heroes or villians at Amaryllis, just independent voices, that sometimes falter with a sense of authority from our artists. Thankfully, those voices have taken a back seat while our small team works to rebuild the work. Might have been an off day, but I’ll start back tomorrow with renewed focus. As I learned today, sometimes the most trying moments can lead to incommensurate reactions, yet writing can free the mind faster and with more freedom than most forms. How long does it take to make a film? To write takes seconds, and when you’re free from momentary reactionism, you can really reach a place unexpectedly. The only thing I could manage to do for the project was a tweet poem, which I will post here. Happy Summer solstice everyone.

First day of summer, remember that the sun is a bright fire,

yet at a distance so warm and life giving, I dream in daylight,

in the long days, radiant and cool in the forest light, knowing all life feels it too.

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