Careful Attention to Daily Life

In my first day in a role of the homemaker, I really took a look at what simple choices can be a gateway to peace. Not all of us are world leaders, some of us may never find the perfection we’re looking for. What is the perfection we can seek in our daily realities. If we can’t cultivate the simple experiences and elevate them beyond their simple forms, what can we achieve? What is a broom? What is the cultivation of our lives? There are simple things to engage with? What is the possiblity in design of the best thought, carried through the peaceful designers? That open into new worlds? When I worked as a designer and developer, I worked with the best minds, and I hope to explore design even further in my simple tasks of daily life. The design that can change the world can start with the smallest things. The make and model of a whisk, the artisans that hand craft with attention and love. I want to love my work. I want to understand. And perhaps this is the foundation I truly need for art. I am an artist, I am a writer, and this is the choice I’m making today.

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