New Beginning

I have often spoken about how much this move means to me, and today was the biggest example of that. I can’t write too much tonight, since some days the growth can be so fast, that I can barely keep up. While winding down the day, I made some choices. After a bumpy start, I’m now the homemaker of our apartment, taking care of meals and groceries, and still learning every second of the day. I’m almost blinded by the brilliance I see, all around us, helpful people, bright lights, that seem so clearly like a sign of hope. I’ll wake up in the morning with one new wish. That we all can welcome the morning as a new day, maybe every day, as we can all make a new world. Is anything more than asking for one simple day in such a chaotic world. Isn’t that the voice that cries out in the daily pain, of survival, that we in our worlds are now emerging. I’ve decided to just listen for awhile, there may be few posts on this blog for a bit. It’s not time for a new novel. It’s a time of rest, so that I can welcome each new day as a day to make the world a little brighter, in the small way I can. Closing up for tonight, and wish everyone who reads this blog, in advance, or maybe in places where they already can, a good morning, and a chance at many more, all through the weekend, and every day, as each day is a gift, we can only repay with the love we have, for each other, our worlds, and the promise of a new tomorrow.

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