Building our Future

I’ve learned so much this year, almost completely transforming my mind and all I do. We’re getting close to finishing our move, and it’s an exciting moment. We’re almost here, and I love Fairfax. But we have a lot to do on our move. I’m still studying, but I want to assure everyone who reads this blog that things will never be normal for me. I’ve changed so much, and I’m trying to build our home and design into something I’ve always dreamed of. I’ll get to the work soon, but for the next month, I’m just reading and getting to know the town. Fairfax has already changed me. I feel so much peace, and I want our apartment to reflect that. A place for all cultures, doing the little I can to build the possibility that only design can give. Careful choices, cultivation, care, and homemaking. I dream of a simple life, and we’ll be building a greenspace where we work in the apartment, and enjoying the simple ecology that can only be born here in nature, and dreaming of a union between the natural world and our incredible advancement of technology in California. I love this city, I love the bay area, and all it represents.

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