Slow Down

I truly think of Fairfax as a home. Since our arrival here, the city has been so kind, so inspiring, and truly wonderful. Our home in the hills is everything I’ve always dreamed about, somewhat serene and open, and a perfect place to slow down and dream. The town is beautiful, the streets are safe, and even amidst the chaos of moving, I still find time to stop and listen, and for the peacefulness of the evening, and the quiet hum of the day. Driving through the hills there are signs reminding us to slow down, and consider the safety of the community, and I take this to heart, and not just while we’re moving. I long for the peace when I go inside, and the union with nature with the outside world. It’s transforming my thoughts. I hope we’re here for quite awhile. I’m still learning about the town. I found a wonderful coffee shop, lotus cafe is downtown, and I can’t wait until we’re done moving, so I can finally take a break, and just enjoy the town. This is home now. And I’ll remember every day, that life isn’t a race. It’s a gift everyday, that we can almost miss if we’re moving too fast. It took me years to realize what I’ve already learned in a few days. Slow down or you might miss it, life, in all our struggles, there’s a moment to be realized, as Dogen said, a moon in a dewdrop, the flow of life, all throughout the day.

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