Six Month Plan, Yearlong plan, and What I’ll be up to

Dusting off true and advancing my studies, I have decided to use the next year really getting more into peaceful communities. I’m devoting myself to art and literature for the next few months, in any way I can, but especially with writing and the arts. This has always been my true calling, and I can’t wait to begin soon. We’re moving, but by this afternoon I think I’ll have everything I need to really explore. I’ll have more updates this week, and any major decisions I’ll ask everyone for votes. I know that this is counter to individualism, but it may be the absolute best chance of engaging communities with how best to use my time, reaching out to friends and family about my plans. Hopefully by next year I’ll have a substantional body of work, and perhaps change everything for the good. I’ll be, of course, checking in with NYT and WSJ, for perspective. If anything changes I’ll let this blog know, but any emergencies have been met well, and we’re peaceful and safe. I ask that anyone who reads this blog will let us have our time here, and know that all we’re looking for is fun, peace, happiness in any way we can. Where I am right now is everything I’ve ever wanted. A place to be peaceful, a place to celebrate life, and the hope to reach a new day, every day, to share my peace with the world. So grateful to be on this journey. 🙂

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