Friends, and how this can be an appliance of the home.

Sometimes we have to face difficult decisions. Sometimes people who you think are your friends, are really just trying to take something from you. At first you don’t recognize this, yet you can realize after awhile that they haven’t been giving anything back to you at all. This is something that happens often in music. At some point, as the psychology community states clearly, you have to create boundaries. And sometimes you can love the same person for who they are, but clearly define where they have drawn a line. I am open and trusting naturally, but today I decided to create a clearer boundary to what feels like complete distrust, theft, and dishonesty. It’s OK to let some friends go. It’s how we stay safe, and you still don’t have to hate or stop the relationships, but when someone you know has been dishonest and manipulative, you have to just put that relationship in a different category. That’s just the way things are, especially with the myth of scarcity, well documented other places, that I will not repeat here. I hope this is the last time I will ever have to stand up like this in writing, but what will we teach the ones who follow us that true competition is the best path forward. Games are fun, but they do have rules, otherwise it’s just some kind of mess or manipulation, or just an uncomfortable chair, or an especially expensive espresso maker. I just want to spend the day tomorrow with a small french press, which I have on order, and looking really excitedly for the day when it arrives.

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