It seems like there are many kinds of love, on a different scale, a spectrum, but something happened tonight. I’m so grateful to all the friends I have, and especially those who I hold so dear, but tonight taught me something. When you think you may have lost someone, something happens to you. Clear of any other emotions, when you really feel you’ve lost something, a friend, no matter how the spectrum passes, something within you starts that you didn’t ever think possible. You move, your actions become completely in motion, and you are certain no matter any of your external thoughts that you’ll do whatever you can to protect the ones you love. I thought I lost someone tonight, I didn’t, but I’ve never been so strongly bonded to them. There are cadences in relationships, but when it’s really important, beyond words, You just love. And when this becomes clear, it’s the only thing you can feel, without any selfish action. One of the central questions in Ulysees, by James Joyce, which I read so long ago, is the inquiry, “Would you move to save a drowning man”. I know that this is without question, yes.

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