First day in Fairfax

We finally finished moving enough to live in our new home. I spent the early morning doing my favorite things, catching up with news and journalism, reading every word I could, even in the vastness of what I read. I had lunch in town, I visited our Ace Hardware store for the first time. Already saw what will be our grocery store, just getting used to daily life. Introduced myself to the town leadership, found out about the arts events in the area. Almost instantly, the moment I stepped out into the day, I felt at home. I hope this is a home to us for quite awhile, and I began the continued experiment of democracy, by building a poll on twitter. We’re not finished moving yet, but today was the first time I felt a genuine confidence in what we’re doing, and all we’ve stood for in the pandemic. Today was just a simple day of rest, but not without it’s miracles. I can’t wait to be more involved with the community here. Maybe I’m naive, but I feel so much hope right now. The wind is rising and falling all around the apartment. My partner is resting peacefully on the couch. Our cat was brave enough to walk around a little in our space, and I’m listening. Every sound is a cause for joy, here in the natural world. I hope all cities are like this some day, just a place to be, where everything feels so peaceful. I love this town. I love California, and today only strengthed that bond, that I hope will never end.

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