We made it.

We’re still in the very beginning of this. My partner and I are moving to Fairfax, in Marin. The differences between our two cities are vast. One one hand, we will be living almost completely in a forest. Here in our current home, we are in an industrial district. The differences are vast. We’re at a moment that is critical to our lives. This could be a simple break, or it could be the beginning of something truly great. That’s not entirely up to me. It’s going to take all of us. It’s going to take everything we’ve got. We have to come together, we have to live in each other’s truth. Can we do this? Yes, it’s possible, for my part, I’ll do all I can, I’ll give until I collapse, and still wake up every morning and give again. I’m used to it. So it should be OK, but to everyone I saw out today, let’s all come together, my truth has been told in this blog. My word is good. I’m here for both cities, and for now, I ask that you give us some peace. We need it for a few moments, and listen to us as I listen to you. We’ll get through this. There’s a chance we can build a greater tomorrow, overcome hate and welcome each other into a new world. I’m about to collapse for the night, absolutely exhausted, but I’m here catching up at the end of this day, and the beginning of the new.

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