Two Days

Well, it’s two days until we’re at our new apartment, after almost seven years going to school in San Francisco. We’re moving into what’s been described to us as a retreat, and in many cases, it is. We’ve had wins and losses in life, some small and some dramatic ones, and at a certain point I just came to the conclusion that it’s really time to not define things in those terms. I’ve often thought about what I will write about in my next work. And after spending time with my work for the earlier period of the year, in summer I decided that it’s really time to draw my thoughts more toward the climate change happening that defines our lives. Every battle we’ve fought, even against the overriding desire to just create peace, sometimes we’ve realized that we were never fighting at all. All of us will lose if we don’t find a way to ease the stress of this world. And we all have the responsiblity. I’m not fullly aware of what implications this has. There are so many interlocking realities with how social issues and economics, and political discourses this shift holds, and I’ll be reading about for awhile. That will be my focus in my writing. I still don’t feel completley safe, but I’m ready to stop thinking about myself for awhile, I’ve come to recognize my truth, helped by so many, but turning toward this is still a part of that. If we really get a good look at ourselves, we find our interconnectedness of all of our lives, our history and future, that we all share.

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