Four days

There are four more days until we move to live in the forests, there are four days before I hope to be able to make art again. There are four days before I can read all the books I’ve never been able to read since I began studying, four days before I can just breathe. Four days until I am able to be with my partner, R, four days until I can continue learning to cook. It’s going to be a difficult week. Our next move is all I have ever asked for. A peaceful place to be quiet, a window large enough to let the nature again. Yet four days we will leave our home in the east bay. Four days to enjoy it here. Four days until I can be here with the people I love so dear. It’s been a difficult decade. It’s been a difficult year. But I have so much hope tonight, at the end of this memorial day. I hope it is four days to find a place of mourning, and four days to fill our space with light. The next few days will be difficult. But I think we can manage it. Because there are four days to remember, and four days to let go.

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