Memorial Day

There is so much to mourn this memorial day. The fallen heroes, the people that have given us so much freedom that we will never understand. The wars and all of the loss of lives, that are only called into awareness in extremes. The veterans who still have medical conditions that take so much care. The loss of innocence that comes from our cultures, and the scars, both real and emotional, that pervade our cultures during war and it’s aftermath. The communities divided by violence, both real and ecomical. The teaching of war in our stories, the lost hope of all the happy endings. It’s been a hard year. The months lost by fear, the pandemic and all of it’s casualties. I mourn my own loss of innocence, through constant fear, and the strength it takes to even look around. Our privacy in the digital enviorments, and the constant harassement so many of us can feel.

The only thing that has kept my spirits up this memorial day. The journalists, the sound of cars rolling by peacefully in the evening, the beauty of simple sounds. The songs I turn to again, all of these things have kept me going. The people going by who guard us in every way they can. All of these things have kept me alive in all this. I’ve been so voiceless lately. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t summon the strength for one more post. And that’s when I can truly speak again. I can’t ever approach the concept of war, I’ll never know, even in my greatest trauma, what our soldiers feel in the lives they’ve chosen. The absolute dedication to all of us. Can we give back? Will it ever be enough? I’ll remember all of these things this memorial day. But one thing I know. I will never stop listening. I’ll be here for every part of the story of this nation, I’ll always be a student learning about our complex postion in the history of the world. Thank you, everyone, this memorial day. I’ll be reading and standing symbolically beside you, as we spend our time with our families, and reach for a new day, as we emerge from this year, and find our world with you, again and again, every day.

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