Pause and Peace

The Reluctant blogger is going on hiatus while my partner and I move to our new home. I will write more once we’re settled in. Until then, I hope this work can be a guide for anyone who wants to get to know me, as much as I can say. The writings, sharing of culture, and all of our experiences will never end, but for now, I ask that you treat us with peace, in all the understanding I have presented in the last few months. There’s a lot to see. In this blog you will find stories, journals, and poetry, and even a novel, all available at any time. I have very little to say right now. We’re at the beginning of a beginning. A beginning of an end, and the beginnings of a rebirth. I hope you feel the same way. Here’s to the promise of something new. We’re stepping into this new world a little tonight, and it’s not easy. We’ll be working hard for the next few months. We just finished packing up the library. I’m staying up to date on all the information, everything everyone is writing, and if needed, I will return here, but for now, peace to all, and have a good weekend.

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