Who are we?

This morning I woke up around 2 am, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I took some medication, that lasted only 2 more hours. Something wanted me to be up, to be here, so I set about my day. I began by listening to music, making stories for playlists, but honestly, they were only for me. I can’t get through the pandemic without music. As the day progressed I had many low and high moments throughout the day, but that was because I was changing, throughout the day, and that led me to some conclusions.

I recently came out online about being asexual and non binary, but what I found in these moments, was that we’re all on a spectrum, not definable, but these terms, and these words, have their ability to organize and collectively build friendships, and reach out to each other. We need language for this, even though the terms may seem not quite right. We absolutely need these identifications, but no one can define who we are, that’s always changing. Who are we? Do we know? These terms are helpful, but we are all individual, we are all ourselves. But there’s a mystery in that statement. Who are we? Aren’t we all mirrors? Reflecting each other in each moment?

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