Hate and Violence

I woke up early this morning to check the news, prepare for the day, and found instead a litany of events, like an avalanche, that flowed out from the middle east. I try to stay was far away from world politics as possible, but this was unique. Violence after violence, hate after hate, and in the midst, on twitter, I heard a young girls helplessness, and impassioned voice, who I wanted to spread as widely as possible. This is not about politics, this was an echo of a voice that has forever had her life changed, not sure what to do, in all the desperation of this moment. You can find it on my twitter page. Almost the minute I posted it, I began to received veiled attacks, which only deepened my resilience. I know what this girl was going through, and today, it was almost as I was seeing it happen for myself, yet there’s a difference. Tonight I will have peace in our apartment, the choices that now seem so rare, as we have a few moments to share food with one another, my partner and I. I did all I could today, and if intention is any guide to follow, I did my best. I won’t go hungry tonight. I have a place to live, I am not displaced, but do voices like these?

We must stop the hate and violence in this world, and we can begin at any time. But at what cost will this be to future generations? I may be able to forget these events as the days pass, but this is becoming senseless and dangerous. We must, at all cost, stop the hate and violence happening in the world, from our city, from our home, for our country, and the world. I never thought I would ever be called upon to stand up like this. It’s not in my nature. But I had to speak tonight. I hope all people find peace, however they can. I wish I could offer a final gesture of hope tonight, but right now my only hope is for tomorrow, and a chance for all sides to come together and find peace. Let’s begin again tomorrow, all of us, to find the hope to carry forward, and be the last generations who ever have to experience this again.

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