Am I an artist?

I’m an artist. never wanted to be anything less, or anything more. Solitude and peace are my guides, in all my research, in all my thoughts, and in all I do. I try to create peace. Never wanted anything less, anything more. What long distances I’ve traveled, the sacrifices given, I’ve always sought in the arts a true home. Am I welcome here? That’s something I’ve always wanted to know, nothing more, nothing less. When I see a painting, I see perspectives, the entry into more texts, more research, more desires to understand our ancestors who led the way, into our own paths of liberation, if not physically, then deep in the mind. I am a poet. Never wanted anything more, anything less. I create worlds, both physical, and in the mind, to make a passageway toward freedom.

I spend long days and hours working within our government guidelines and requirements, to try to build a new future for my friends, my fellow artists, who may not get a shot, just like me, at having our work seen and heard. I’m a student, never wanted anything more or anything less, of the universe, in my heart, in my spirit, in both emptiness and dream. It all depends on the time of day. Just to live. Never wanted anything more, anything less, and tonight I light a candle, as hope for tomorrow, or any days that come. I am at peace. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up for the thousandth time to see what I can defend, so that we can continue this path, free of pain, in our moments of expression. And always, a space to dream.

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