Mothers Day

I don’t have a photo to share of my Mom, but I wanted to say something about Mothers day. She’s been with me in a way today, as I worked a 15 hour day doing budgeting, legal analysis, taking care of Amaryllis. Quickbooks, social outreach, lists, all of it. She was a powerhouse, and I hope I can always summon that fierce energy into protecting all of our loved ones, and the task I have at Amaryllis in spreading experimental writing and music. Moms, I don’t know your world so well, but today I experienced it, just fighting for a more peaceful world, for my family, and everyone I know. Thanks Mom, for all you taught me. I’m here today because of you. I miss you every day. I wrote a poem for her, about whenever I imagine her in government housing in the 1950s.

I imagine you at the windowsill, listening to West Side Story in a stark white apartment, as a child, in government housing in the 1950s, parakeet Pete, your bird, by your side. How like you I’ve become. The moments close to collapse, but, for love, so strong.

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