Harassment, Violence, Discrimination and Injustice

I often think I am being targeted or attacked. I worry about it a lot. I find peace throughout the day, but sometimes I feel like I am a victim of some kind of game or sport of cruelty. There was something I saw that I will never post a link to, in the readings and research I undertook at the request of one of my teachers at CCA, on a trip to Berlin summers ago. We saw a city rebuilt from the horror of the Nazi rule, and it’s a city so inspring in the artistic renaissance that has come since that time. The image that really caught me off guard was horiffic. It was a gang of soldiers playing soccer with human skulls of gas chamber victims who were unjustly, and horrifyingly, killed and imprisoned within the concentration camps. Where does this kind of violence begin, and where can it be stopped? I briefly found a few links relating to the casual harassment that takes place in the workforce, and I’ve experienced my own isolation from these experiences, and what we cand do to combat it, but this kind of fire spreads quickly. From a spark, to a flame, to a climate catastophe that could cause centuries of suffering, for what, a victory? A moment? We all have the right to privacy, freedom of speech and assembly, but the human cost of this scale of harassment is cruel and incalclulable.

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