The path of dream

All day on the beach I sat alone, looking far into the distance, the calm seas echoing peace in my mind. I realized I couldn’t sit forever, so I began to walk back into the forest, stopping for a moment, and turning around. Where I had walked there was a trail of footprints, yet there was a second set, different from the one before. I put my foot into each footprint, until I came to a clearing, and saw, someone I couldn’t describe, in their aspect, shining. I asked you, what way does this follow, and you said, this way leads to the open world. You will
cross mountians, feel the cold, the heat of summer, the death of winter, the rebirth in spring. You may grow tired and cold, you will live, yet you will die. So I put my foot deep in each step, but held a secret. In my mind, I carried the calm seas, with every step I took. And now I wonder, which was in the mind, and which was real? The poet answered, does it matter? At any cost, do not cease to dream.

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