It’s been a pretty amazing week here, and I’m finally touching back down to earth after my heads been in the clouds for months. I have so much hope right now, hope in the future, hope for my family, and even in all the injustice, I’ve found a place of peace, and just the ability to be both brave and happy, genuinely happy again. I don’t have any elegant phrase to share tonight, and tomorrow, I may be back in the clouds again, but for right now, this very instant, I’m awake. I can’t wait to bring you more stories, more animation, more paintings, and all you’ve come to expect from the reluctant blogger, so have a peaceful evening. I’ll be listening to Django Reinhardt, and just taking a break from all the work of the week. It’s in our nature to be happy, and for these few moments, I’m there. There’s so much to do, so much injustice, but finding a space to just enjoy things for a minute has been amazing. I think it’s from all the meditation, but also from enjoying so much of the work of all the artists and writers at Lucasfillm and Disney, who have brought me into a little bit of joy, before I go back to my studies next week. Have a good weekend everyone. 🙂

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