First day of the new Dharma schedule.

My meditation practice is going well. I divided my time between mindfulness “on the cushion” zen, reaching an almost transcendental experience, and then touched back down to the earth to begin the work of the day in the afternoon. So far the results have been effective. I’ve been able to engage with both a meditative state, and an ethical progression, as my writing grew and I was able to really use penetrating wisdom to get into the roots of social problems that some things can create. How I operate in this perspective is something I’ll be watching closely, and growing as time goes forward, but this ability to enter non objective modes of thought, and then move to positive action, in line with the ethical precepts of the dharma, as fierce compassion, emboldened me and allowed me to become more brave. This work schedule might be a good approach for anyone studying the zen tradition, and it essentially comes from the San Francisco Zen Center, where I had been studying. What is realization? It’s indescribable, but it gives you a sense of speed and strength, at least for me, in the moments where I need it most.

It created a wellspring of solidity this morning after my first morning sessions of Vipassana, which allowed me to really reach into strength against fear that I’m not quite sure I would have been able to tap without the two. I asked myself constantly today what my intentions were, as I went through the day. This schedule is powerful, and here’s how it works: 45 minutes of meditation in the morning, a time for daily morning tasks, and then an addtional two hours of meditation, followed by a long, extended work program, and then a final meditation for 45 minutes in the evening.

I’m incorporating monastic traditions combined with modern modes of working, so I swept the apartment, and then began to focus on the non profit I’m working on, which is essentially administration and organizing, that would not have been so easy if I had had a cloudy mind. It’s these practices that will get me through the fear and uncertainty that this pandemic can surely have. Today it worked. I explored the dharma through a myriad of postions and modalities, both in formal practice and in my daily work. This was the first day of this, and I’ll strive to become better at this as the weeks go on.

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